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1. The power to order that a merger shall not go ahead lies with…

  • the Secretary of State
  • the Director General of Fair Trading
  • the Monopolies and Mergers Commission

2. The term “goods” includes all “chattels personal” that are …

  • tangible
  • immovable
  • intangible

3. The highest court of appeal in Britain is…

  • House of Lords
  • Civil Court of Appeal
  • Criminal Court of Appeal

4. A company which develops a new product, protects this invention ...

  • by a patent
  • by an insurance policy
  • by a share certificate

5. When the land is owned by a company,...

  • there must be registration of both legal and equitable mortgages
  • there must be registration of the equitable mortgage
  • registration of a mortgage is not necessary

6. If a minority shareholder does not agree with the majority...

  • the majority must agree with him
  • the court will support him
  • he must accept the decision of the majority

7. A shareholder has the right...

  • to receive a proportion of the profits of the company
  • to sell the assets of the company
  • to give instructions to the directors of the company

8. Contracts for the sale of goods include ...

  • agreements to sell
  • contracts of bailment
  • contracts for hire of goods

9. Fiduciary duties of employees are implied into a contract of employment...

  • by the common law
  • by statute
  • are not implied

10. A statement of law is binding for future similar disputes if...

  • it forms the basis of the decision
  • is made by the way
  • it is based on a hypothesis

11. A person cannot be a partner if...

  • it is a limited company
  • he or she is an enemy alien
  • he or she is a minor

12. Companies limited by shares are usually set up for...

  • trading purposes
  • charitable purposes
  • educational purposes

13. Allowing water to escape from reservoirs is a tort affecting .

  • property
  • economic rights
  • general rights

14. In a bankruptcy the estate of an insolvent person passes...

  • into the control of the bankruptcy court
  • into the control of the creditors
  • into the control of a trustee

15. A subsidiary company is owned...

  • by a holding company
  • by a sole trader
  • by a partnership

16. The loan agreement provides for repayment of loan plus interest …

  • at any time subject to no restrictions
  • at any time subject to reasonable restrictions
  • exactly by the legal date of redemption

17. he bankruptcy order is published in…

  • the Financial Times
  • the London Gazette
  • the Business Week

18. Things which are capable of physical possession are included into …

  • incorporeal property
  • tangible property
  • intangible property

19. Ratification of the contract can be possible if …

  • it concerns a part of the contract
  • the contract is not void or a forgery
  • it takes place after the time fixed for the performance of the contract

20. The Department of Trade and Industry may appoint inspectors…

  • on the application of 100 shareholders
  • on the application of 1 shareholder
  • on the application of members holding not less than one tenth of the shares.

21. A holder of bearer shares becomes a member of the company…

  • if Articles of the company allow that
  • automatically
  • according to the decision of the directors of the company

22. According to the contract, the goods must be transferred …

  • for other goods
  • for securities
  • for money

23. Directors of a public company can be appointed…

  • at any age
  • at the age under 70
  • at the age under 60

24. The employer must provide written statement of the following terms …

  • maternity rights
  • provision of safe tools and equipment
  • pension rights

25. Private limited companies cannot raise money…

  • by selling shares
  • by inviting other members
  • by making loans

26. Supervising trading practices is one of the main duties of…

  • the Monopolies and Mergers Commission
  • the Director General of Fair Trading
  • he Consumer Protection Advisory Committee

27. The major source of the English law which takes precedence over the others is…

  • legislation
  • European Community law
  • case law

28. A mortgage is void against a subsequent purchaser …

  • if it is legal without title deed
  • if it is not registered in the Land Charges Registry
  • if it is not legal

29. A consent of the principal …

  • must be given in written form
  • can be verbal, in writing or by deed
  • is to be given by deed

30. An employer must make a redundancy payment to an employee who has been employed …

  • for two years
  • for a month
  • for a year

31. The Monopolies and Mergers Commission consists of…

  • three members
  • not less than 10 members
  • not more than 30 members

32. The mortgagor may create ...

  • second and subsequent mortgages over
  • the same property only one mortgage over
  • the same property not more than two mortgages over the same property

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